A beautiful, feels-filled room to celebrate two of the best people I know. So much love to you @lauren_n_s @b_goutish 💕TYSM for the magical night and this cool hangover
This week for @nytcooking is a Chile-Butter Chicken with Vinegared Potatoes which is fantastically uncomplicated (but also more delicious than it has to be), which is all I have space for these days. Find the link ☝️, then maybe t
Today I got to watch my beautiful best friend who I’ve known and loved for 28 years get married. @katemayo you are the most perfect bride and I’m so happy to share this day with you. CRY EMOJI. #pplusk
Eggs on eggs on toast and also eggs on potatoes and guess what, it’s day 6 of this cookbook shoot, and we are just really going for it.
Day 4
Remember how annoying it was earlier this year when everyone you knew was in Italy instagramming their seafood pasta? Well, feel free to make this little number as a means of retroactive coping. Recipe for this week’s @nytcooking colum
The best ice cream parlor in town tbh.
No, I don’t eat anything other than large amounts of shellfish, thanks for asking.
Two things you should know about this picture: 1, we got it right the first time with absolutely no outtakes or bad versions. 2, immediately after taking this pic we saw Detective Elliot Stabler walk by and omg I just about lost it. Had the
When you ask for a side of Parmesan and they bring you a bowl of it, that’s amore.
I made this pasta just for myself and nobody else and if you think I’m going to eat it straight from the skillet you are correct.
This week for @nytcooking : POTATO CHIPS FOR DINNER. And also a steak, because you deserve it.  Link ☝️to read all about my love affair with the angels @paisanosbutchershop ✨photos @graydonpictures / @nikoleherriott, props @
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