This morning I woke up hungover but happy to live in New York and I’m ending the day drinking again but even happier to live in New York.
ATTN: The Stew (specifically this coconut chickpea stew) is officially up on @nytcooking, no subscription required (although you do have to sign up, it doesn’t cost anything). Also some troubleshooting tips in my stories for those expe
You know what they say, the book will write itself if you just ignore all your deadlines and make latkes instead.
In MORE COOKIE NEWS there are three v easy and delicious recipes for your holiday baking pleasure up on @nytcooking. It’s also one of my favorite things I’ve written, mostly because they let me mention Love, Actually, the worlds b
🍪ALL MY CHILDREN🍪 Thank you to everyone who baked and continues to bake #thecookies. They love you so much!! Here’s a fun family photo album from a few of our vacations over the last year, please enjoy! #nationalc
I am legitimately obsessed w @kerrygoldusa butter (my fave butter for The Cookies) but did you know they also make an Irish Cream Liqueur? Ideal for making a delicious milky beverage of your choosing or this chocolate cream pie. Recipe for
I watched a friend of mine try to put that butter on a carrot for like 7 minutes lol.
Just casually reading my favorite book, which is now available on the @madewell site (!!). Link in bio to see my other gift guide ideas that don’t involve the #diningincookbook, like my favorite soap I like too much to actually use, an
A few months ago I moved into my sweet little extremely quirky dream apartment. The ceilings are crooked and the floors are slanted, there’s no closet (like not one closet) and my bedroom is half the size it used to be. Because of my j
There is so much good happening in this stew that I’m basically a doctor, but all you need to know is that there are crispy AND creamy chickpeas involved. Recipe for this very good reset number in today’s @nytcooking section in pr
In a world full of bad news and terrible things I am happy to report this restaurant is still here and these noodles are still the best $6.50 you can spend.
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