#whatididntpostin2017 - This is a shot I took @safashionweek but didn’t post it because the #overnightrush was a B&W exhibition and this image is lost in B&W | She is also a little too small in the image but I didn’t want to loose
#whatididntpostin2017 ”The lady, the dog and the red dress” This was one of my favorite shots. There is something about it, it has so many stories, and so much mystery. Maybe nothing is happening, or lots is happening, that’s
#whatididntpost2017 - I didn’t post this because the focus wasn’t on his fingertips - I also think that this image doesn’t have a story unless you were with us on the day shooting. Eh.. it’s a sexy DOF shot though. By th
So, every year I post “what I didn’t post last year” - and why. Let’s start off with a 35mm shot I too at fashion week. I’m cheating with this one because I didn’t post it to Instagram, but I did have it in a g
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