Framed. #tbt
Too cold for the small good boy.
I’ve noticed that in most pictures I’m playing a G chord. Starting to wonder if that’s all I know and if I’m even actually playing anything at all when I hold a guitar, or if it’s all been an elaborate ruse a la Tru
Even in warm weather I was sipping winter drinks. I’m a seasonal boy.
Color pop spectacular.
Quick jam 4 u.
What a year it’s been!! And an unforgettable way to close it out. Thanks to all of you who traveled in to see these last few shows, we had THE best time. Much love, happy holidays!
Last one tonight!! #10YearsOfSWIR
We will beat you up and take your lunch money.
I don’t have enough words to say just how much this guy means to me. He’s been a best friend, my brother and bandmate for more than half of my lifetime. We have conquered the world together. I’m incredibly lucky to have him a
Where can I get some tape that matches the finish on my guitar, huh?
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