Smiling with my eyes.
Great great great great great aunty Julia was a boss apparently.
Just friend stuff
Been one of my closest for many years now... Lucky to know ya, lucky to work with ya. Thanks for cleaning up my barf that one time. ❤️ Happy Birthday @nanotissera !!
How ya living?
The hottest zone there is.
Plz, come in.
Voice note of the main riff in Birthday. Love going back and finding these little starts that grew up to be real songs.
@gwenstefani show was insane. Thank you @phvegas we had an awesome stay. ❤️ #PHVegas
Most chaotic and dysfunctional stream of the decade goes to ATL but the gist of our chat was that Warped Tour rules and there’s a new video at masterfully put together by @ashleyosborn GO CHECK IT OUT (link to fu
My guy @nanotissera (He is unequivocally the goodest boy.)
Have your cake and eat it too. Happy Birthday, Birthday. Link in profile.
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