Thanks for braving the weather, Milwaukee. Much love. Get home safe!
Feelin’ lucky and very grateful I get to play music with these handsome gents every night. ❤️
People don’t take me seriously.
❤️ @gnash
Kisses for cutie. ❤️ 📷 @ashleyosborn
Party boys, FL.
Morning, loves. 
Jacksonville tonight !! 📷 @ashleyosborn
Two very awesome years married to this one today!! It’s tough not being with you to celebrate, but something we’ve both become accustomed to, and it’s one of the many challenges in our lives that have made us stronger togethe
“IIIII can showww you the worrrrrrld” 📷 @ashleyosborn
Thank you Peoria !! You were absolutely gorgeous through n’ through. ❤️
Aloha Friday in Fort Wayne okayyyy !!
Thank y’all so much!
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