back and worse than ever!
above + below
gotta love a melancholic andy shauf lyric
happy women’s day to the best
rip fashion king
eternal 🌞
to address the apparent backlash regarding winning something I had no control over: I didn’t log onto and submit myself. that’s not how it works. I didn’t ask to be submitted either because there are other artists
taken in 2014 outside of this little spot called shrine in Harlem. my second gig ever. they spelled my last name wrong on the board but I made 37 dollars in tips and I got a few claps when I played “here”. thought I was a rockstar
sliced my finger on a tree ornament :-) merry christmas if u celebrate it
some @emilykingmusic via improper midi playing
thank u @danielcaesar for having me 🦋
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