Weekend's here, go outside and play 💙💙 LOVE my @miumiu look @kegrand #miumiuclub
✨💖 SCHIAPARELLI 💖✨ thank you @schiaparelli team @kegrand @bitton @sydhayeshair @diane.kendal
💖💖 Happy to be in Paris 💖💖 thank you @miumiu team @kegrand @bitton @guidopalau @patmcgrathreal
#teamlima / 🎥: @ysaperez
Always look forward #teamlima / 📷: @ysaperez
🇧🇷Cheering for Brazil! Vamos lá Brasil🇧🇷 @debbieaquinopadilla @amanda_leoa @cristmac @dricaslima 🎉
#TGIF Thank goodness it’s the weekend!!! Go to the beach #teamlima
📷: @ysaperez
✨🎉My everything , you brought magic into my life, happy birthday🎉 ✨@metinhara
✨ Seeing this video, makes me emotional. It makes me think that sometimes people look at you from the outside and think, “her job it’s so easy” (remember I am not complaining), when they don’t know what you go throu
Feeling grateful and motivated working hard to becoming healthiest version of me. Trying to do my best to be a strong female role model in my daughters’ lives...thank you everyone for walking my journey with me another 365 days...I lov
Starting the week off with a smile #teamlima / 📷: @ysaperez
Ready for the weekend! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #BECAUSESCHUTZ @schutzshoes @schutzoficial + exclusively for @nordstrom
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