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Deena makes me happy
Texting bae like 😍😲
I ate some really spicy Indian food and now my lips feel really numb 😅
They told me that the end is near, we gotta get away from here
Last night at the pink carpet!! I was so nervous but all I was thinking about was you!! Wanted to make you all proud!! Thank you for bringing me to where I am today ADOOMYGANG!! Wouldn't be here smiling if it wasn't for you all! Thank you f
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAMAL THE ROAST MASTER AND MY OLDER BROTHER ABE!! This picture was such a mess!! I have white cotton on my hat cuz I was in the teddy bear scaring Sayeaf.. but he got mad and beat the crap out of me!! Hamzah was dancing wi
My favorite photographer 😝❤
Sorry, I'm taken by Adoomygang 😋
Holaaaaa mii amor 😝
AS grey sweater 😅
Someone surprised me with the cutest kittens ever in today's vlog!! Link is in my bio if you wanna see it :) I wouldn't know which one to choooose?!?! Help me out and choose one 😝
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