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FREE SHOW IN DUBAI TOMORROW!!!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME OF ALL AGES!! 5pm at RIVERLAND!!! No tickets required ❤❤ just comeeeee and ENJOY ADOOMYFEST!!! I promised you all I'll be back and tomorrow it's finally here!! Hope you're all re
We dabbing in Kuwait !!! Heading to our 4th and LAST sold out Kuwait show right now ❤🙏🏼
Thank you KUWAIT!! You all made me so emotional today!! 3rd sold out show went AMAZING!!! Last one is tomorrow then Dubai on Saturday :) LOVE YOU!! ❤❤
Thank you Kuwait!!! Second sold out show was even LOUDER than the first one!! 2 more to go and then Dubai!! Love you Kuwait 🇰🇼🇰🇼🇰🇼❤❤❤
These are my Kuwaiti cousins!!! After 25 years my mom and dad visited their family in Kuwait. Their kids have been watching me for a couple years now and they had NO CLUE that we're related til I visited them today!! Hahhaa what a small wor
It was always my dream to bring my parents on tour with me and now it's happening alhamdulilah!!! 4 SOLD OUT SHOWS IN KUWAIT!! 1 BIG FREE SHOW IN DUBAI APRIL 22nd at 3pm in Island Plaza-Riverland!!! EVERYONES WELCOME OF ALL AGES!! No ticket
Deena makes me happy
Texting bae like 😍😲
I ate some really spicy Indian food and now my lips feel really numb 😅
They told me that the end is near, we gotta get away from here
Last night at the pink carpet!! I was so nervous but all I was thinking about was you!! Wanted to make you all proud!! Thank you for bringing me to where I am today ADOOMYGANG!! Wouldn't be here smiling if it wasn't for you all! Thank you f
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