Do you tan before you go on holiday? Because you know I do! And you know I want to be extra dark, so it has to be @sttropeztan for me! I’ve teamed up with them to give you the chance to win one of 10 bottles of St Tropez Extra Dark, th
Posting this #throwback because I’m feeling super nostalgic today. I just wanna day a massive THANK YOU to every single one of you who has stuck by me for the past four years. It’s been such a crazy ride! As I’ve grown up my
I spy the Burj Al Arab🤯😍☺️🌍✈️
Let’s travel the world together and watch the sunset every single night☺️✈️🌍 @awayholidays
Oh hey, Dubai👋🏼👋🏼 Today we went up to the 148th floor in the Burj Khalifa and the views were magical😍😍 #Travel #Travelblogger #MyDubai @awayholidays#Travel #Travelblogger #MyDubai
Hands down, the best nectarines I’ve ever had in my life 😛😛😍😍 📸@erosvellucci
I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m at my happiest in a bikini.. the real question is, which country should I move to so that I can live in one?!? 📸@ErosVellucci
Could I really spend 48 hours in Italy without heading to the beach?! Of course not😂 What a whirlwind this trip has been! Where should I go next?!🤔🌍✈️ 📸@erosvellucci
This was hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever had😍😍 #getlostwithwizz #getlostfromlondon @wizzaircom 📸@Erosvellucci
‘M, why are you wearing converse with a swimming costume?!?!?’ 😂😂😂
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