spending the winter chasing summer
when a beautiful woman tucks a flower behind your ear and takes you into the jungle to chocolate scrub yourselves in the river, you don’t ask questions you’re just like ok yep thank you 📷: @paperantler
More than 30 million people worldwide are currently enslaved. And 2 million of those are children. I’ve gotta help make a change this year and it’s easy and chic with the Dressember challenge ✨ you can help too! 
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I’ve spent the last few days at a table of women discovering— all of us quilted together of different backgrounds, passions, cultures.. and so much commonality. Guys! The world is smaller than we think! It’s increasingly impo
I love when we log onto the internet to apologize for being present in the real world
hey siri play I’m on a boat
Florals? For Hawaii? Groundbreaking

cant believe @fsmaui exists this gorgeously in the world, much less on a nonstop flight from LA when #iflyalaska — thanks for getting us here @alaskaair 🌴🌺
reunited with my alchemy. tinctures and oils and lemons from our tree 🍋 hey keep it fresh in the winter y’all
you only have 24 hours of opportunity for your smol roommate animal to stare sunbeams into your soul, you just stay swaddled underneath her purring girth bc it’s just like who cares if I have to pee, I don’t, I’ll pee at the
scroll to watch it become a pretty pie, then join its pie friends, then to see the clean options remain untouched (because pie). look ma, I’m domestic!
happy birthday to this island of realness type bathroom buddy and my sweet salty mob wife — ⚰️🧂🔪thankful to‘ve known each other through like six versions of life and be in our best places yet
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