Enjoy your day stay positive, avoid angry unhappy people. 😟#positivevibesonly #lecheminduroi
👀all I can do is pray for this brother, it appears she pushed him over the edge. I slept in my car, I slept in my car, l slept in my car. #positivevibesonly
Oh my God 😕what did he do to deserve this 🤷🏽‍♂️#positivevibesonly #lecheminduroi
This how I feel right now high on a positive vibe 😟#positivevibes #lecheminduroi
ROI = KING (Le Chemin du Roi ) the tase of victory. What ever you do stay positive and on the path to your personal victory my brother #positivevibes #lecheminduroi
When we think negative, we don’t allow positive thing into our lives. #positivevibes #lecheminduroi
This is my baby boy SIRE’s I will change the world drip. #positivevibes
🤔oh so now because I’m being positive she won’t listen.🤨get the strap #bellator #lecheminduroi
Don’t run my brother 🏃🏽‍♂️💨stay and be positive. This child is a gift from God, you may have not planned this but it’s time to be a man. 😟positive vibes
👀Nah this look won’t work for me either. Lol 😆get the strap. #lecheminduroi
I said sire you my little man. He said no I’m a big boy. 👀I said who told you that he said nobody I told my self. 🤨get the strap
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