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Hello everyone DE below  I hope you are fine and enjoy your weekend Do you like waffles If yes which ones do you prefer regular waffles or chocolate waffles Well I couldnt decide so I made these ombr 2 in one waffles  Served them of course with fruits...
East Delhi, we're giving you something to swoon over! The Waffle Factory is a true delight for all waffle lovers all thanks to their menu. Waffle sticks, freak waffles, sweet waffles and savoury waffles, they've got those waffles that’
What are you topping your waffles w/ for #WaffleWednesday? @bealubus  adds Greek Yogurt, Oranges, Granola & Pomegranate to her homemade Yeasted Waffles!
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Weekend agenda: Waffles. Spiced Spelt Waffles by @the_smallseed_ topped w/ all the fresh fruit!
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Tired? Chicken and Waffles. Hungover? Chicken and Waffles. Alive and ready to take on the weekend? Chicken and Waffles. #tastingtable #chicken #waffles #chickenandwaffles #breakfast #brunch #syrup #noms #homemade
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What are you brunching on today? Belgian Waffles w/ Fresh Fruit by @diadonna
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Our Sunday included a massive, yummy brunch — complete with waffles. Yeah I tore off and made waffles! 🤷‍♀️
I love waffles. Do you love waffles? .
Also, I got rides on four of my fearless s
Absolutely positively undoubtedly the first and number one person Im thankful for crunchesandcabernet even more thankful than these waffles Im about to devour it was close but she wins cause she can make me waffles Waffles can not make a Sheena happyt...
I keep seeing posts about one carb waffles so heres a post about all the carb waffles I was under the impression that the entire point of waffles being SO GODDAMN DELICIOUS is due to the fact that they are essentially entirely made up of carbs I did u...
Breakfast goals Waffles are just pancakes with abs Protein waffles using our Protein Pancake Mix topped with vanilla Protein Pudding which tastes like custard  berries Thanks to lolaaawr for this imagemyprotein protein waffles foodporn fitfood fitness...
Brooklyn Baked  Fried  Grub Street Food Festival Chicken  Waffles Fried Chicken and Birthday Cake Waffles Thinking about the delicious   waffles from bkbakednfried at the GrubStreetFoodFestival on this  WaffleWednesdaychickenandwaffles friedchicken wa...
Repost from navimumbaifoodjunkies with repostr  Death by waffles from The Daily Affair  Kharghar  Waffles loaded with all the delicious toppings can never go wrong All waffle lovers head here Use navimumbaifoodjunkies for a feature foodporn waffles fo...
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