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Super Duper Set

Glute Hip Thrust 
1. Wide stance: 10 Reps 
2. Neutral stance: 10 Reps 
3. V Stance toes up: 10 Reps 
Goblet Squat
1. Wide/sumo stance: 10 Reps
2. Neutral Stance: 10 Reps 
3. Close stance: 10 Reps 
3-4 rounds 
Got Stance  Yeah delmospeed and accuair sure know how to get that stance right Django looking good richbuckley01 chevrolet gmc c10 accuair elevel airsuspension stance layframe streetrod hotrod carporn streetmachine streettruck lowfastfamous...
 bangingearzz   What color would you choose rwb porsche  widebody drift  cars miata supercars fast slammed stanced hellaflush fast bangingearz track stance speed raughweltbegriff jdm vtec dohc honda sohc civic integra acura coupe racecar stance stance...
By far my favorite off season accessory for after heavier sets 333 deadlift complex w narrow stance then wide then comp stance  If I have any doubt for which stance width to use on my comp sumo then I use only varying sumo stances but since Im well de...
10 sets of 3 at 155 today last set here almost didnt make it on that last rep  I also changed my stance to way more narrow than the sumo stance I was using I found that I come up way quicker with a heavier load using a narrow stance for squats Which i...
               Stance Socks                          STANCE SOCKS Gukhwa HongChristmas is coming soon meaning its time for some festive socks Here are Stance holidaycollection socks designed by Rihannabadgalriri from ribbon tights to socks with fuzzy ...
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When in doubt, deadlift!😅👍🏽💪🏽🍑And please don't neglect that tuck & squeeze.
1️⃣Sumo Stance Deadlifts 
2️⃣Standard Stance
3️⃣Narrow Stance
🎬Inside Stance
@dwyanewade came through our HQ to (unsuccessfully) defend his MVP title in Stance dodgeball. We caught up with him after for a new installment of "Inside Stance". A few highlights: exploring Greece, favorite em
This bagged GMC stopped by musclerodz Im diggin the color and stance checkout the link in my bio for a wheel giveawaygmc truckporn stance...
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