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Go to  aklysdefense to help out Whenever you need to apply a little Science you can now use your own 3lb hammer of science Each Science is a 3lb engineering hammer with a 14 handle made of genuine hickory Each comes with SCIENCE engraved on both sides...
Consider the following: wear your love for science on your sleeve and support the Planetary Society’s work to advance space science and exploration with the "Science is Universal” shirt. Get yours at or through
Bill Nye is ready for the March for Science! Join him in showing off your love for science and rock the "Science is Universal" t-shirt all year long. Support The Planetary Society when you snag yours at or through the l
"Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, a science of well-being, a science of youthfulness, a science of integrating body, mind and soul." - Amit Ray
At Tantris, we believe that youth is created by smiling, laughing, being open to n
The Planetary Society is geared up for the March for Science! Snag your own "Science is Universal" t-shirt and show everyone just how much science rules. Find yours at or through the link in our bio.
Lidia Bastianich The Science of Risotto Science  Cooking Public Lecture Series 2017 Enroll in Science  Cooking From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science from HarvardX at httpswwwedxorgcoursescienceco Top chefs and Harvard ...
do you ever get so AMAZED bc science is just so COOL like it makes me feel all happy and  and just AAAAA and like yo I dig science but learning it makes me sad sometimes like esp in schools and I dont think that should be the case yknow bc science mak...
Setting up MARES great science but a beast of a machine Luckily weightlessness helps a lot  Installation de MARES une machine gniale pour la science mais plutt massive Heureusement elle peut flotter ici ESA astronaut science research exercise muscle c...
We'd like to send a special Valentine's Day shout-out to our true love: #science. Our passion for science drives the spirit of #GE and fuels our desire to #innovate. They say love is a powerful thing—our love for science has taken us a
Take it from @billnye, science rules (and so does this shirt)! Support @planetarysociety when you snag a "Science is Universal" t-shirt or sweatshirt at or through our bio link. 🌎🚀
I have always respected science. I am deeply troubled by what appears to be a rebellion against facts. Science is not infallible and scientists are not gods. But, science itself transcends the individual’s faults. It is a higher callin
Going to the March for Science? Snag a "Science Is Universal" t-shirt or crew by end of day April 8 (tomorrow) to get it in time for the march. Wear it proud and stand united with the community who also thinks science rules! Get yours at
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