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Do you remember Pogs?
Do you remember Dunkaroos?
Do you remember JNCOs?
Do you remember Limp Bizkit?
Do you remember MySpace?
Do you remember the 1st time u caught ur parents having Sex? ----------------------------------
Well I remem
Where were you on 91101Fifteen years later on September11 we remember we remember astonishing courage and unspeakable fear We remember incredible acts of compassion between strangers We remember those weve lost and we remember those who continue to fi...
Remember when u said u werent gon do that anymo Remember the feeling u had when u knew that wasnt right Remember when u swore to yourself that that was it Remember when u said God if u get me out of this 1 i wont do that NoMo Remember when u remembere...
We remember where we were We remember what we felt We remember all the images from that day like it was yesterday Taking a moment today to remember this sad sad day and how it affected us all Never forget 911...
Remember the heroes born at ground zero Remember the price so many still pay Move on face forward but always remember the day We remember God Bless America...
Today is a day we will never forget but I ask that we consider that we always remember Always remember that only love is real Always remember that you are so loved Always remember that allof those who lost their lives ask that we live in the love that...
For those I love I will sacrifice We will remember every rescuer who died in honor We will remember every family that lives in grief We will remember President George W Bush  091101 remember september11 neverforget allgivesome somegiveall america amer...
I thank my God every time I remember you Philippians 13 What do you remember about people  the good experiences or the bad experiences The apostle Paul said I like to remember the good things about people focus on the good times weve had and remember ...
Back in the 80s I remember I was out of town and cant remember in which country but I remember I was on the beach and there was an arcade hall on the coast  and I definitely remember that specific amazing war action arcade game that reminded me of Ram...
Remember who was there. Remember who left, Remember those who depend on you! Most importantly remember how satisfying it is to accomplish what you set out todo! πŸ“ŠπŸ“ˆβœˆοΈπŸŽ’ #family #faith #motivation #mo
Let us remember the cross. 
Let us remember what He's done for us.
Let us remember the blood. 
Let us remember the depths of His love.
- Chris Martin | Album: Uncreated One 
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It's hard to remember, we're alive for the first time. It's hard to remember were alive for the last time. It's hard to remember, to live before you die. It's hard to remember, that our lives are such a short time🎢 #ModestMouse #
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