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I often wonder what kind of parents we’d be in the future... How about you? Have you thought of what kind of parents you’d be in the future? Some of us are already parents in NOC and some of us are of age to be parents so click in
My roots in Texas run deep. My pride for Texas is strong. Myself and my brother, my parents, my parents-parents, their parents - over 150 years that Duprie Farms has been harvesting cotton in this great state. Hurricanes are no stranger for
You may feel that you are all grown up and ready to face the world but your parents will always see you as their baby that little child who would always run to their parents with open arms Some people spend years wishing that their parents would get o...
A Palestinian sees his parents for the first time after being imprisoned for 2 years in an israeli prison  Look at how he respects and honours his parents  is this how you feel when you havent seen you parents for a long time  When was the last time y...
This Photo Really Speaks To Me Parenting with knowledge vs parenting with wisdom Im sure many of us have heard our parents telling us the above option My parents have told that to me m many times too How will we parents the next generation though Even...
Awww... look at that #TBT smile from @normanthepomsky! Norman's parents learned at a young age that PetSmart was the place to go for all their puppy needs. Norman's parents' advice to new puppy parents: "Be sure to pick up a puppy kit! It
#WorkOfTheWeek: David Hockney's 'My Parents' 1977. 
Created a year before his father’s death, 'My Parents' is Hockney’s best-known representation of his parents. Painted from life, the work shows his mother as a poised and gracef
Mercury is in retrograde so choose your words carefully In Virgo words can help  heal and they can also wound Were all trying to heal past karma past traumas handed down to us from our parents  their parents  their parents we work out global traumas t...
Did you know that its BRING IN YOUR PARENTS DAY BIYP Yup today is the day that hundreds of unsuspecting parents have accompanied their kids into offices all around the world Your parents have been there for you throughout your education and career BUT...
When i was younger, i always thought my parents knew everything. And the day i asked a question neither of my parents knew the answer to i was really scared, all my life i believed every question that i had, had an answer which my parents k
Day 10: Favorite Parents 
Jenna and Alaric [early season appearances -> last scene]
I know Jenna and Ric weren't literally parents to Elena and Jeremy but Jenna took care of them so well when their parents died. And then when she died, Al
Amy Schumer says she never felt insecure growing up. She reveals her confidence comes from her parents: “My parents made me think I was a genius supermodel.” How do your parents affect your self-esteem? • • • •
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