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Grateful for life. Grateful for my friends & family. Grateful for love. Grateful for art. Grateful for you. ❤️❤️❤️
• What are YOU grateful for? 🙏🏽
I am so grateful you guys I am grateful for being healthy I am grateful to be a strong woman I am grateful to live in California  What I am most grateful for is each and every one of you  I am so honored to be a part of such a wonderful world of down ...
VANITY GROUP Singing Grateful Grateful Grateful Grateful  in my bishophez voicevanitygroupnyc I truly dont know how to express how grateful I am I cant thank you enough for making all of my Parisian fairytale wedding dreams come true  then some YOU my...
I am grateful for this body I am grateful for this practice I am grateful for this life And I am grateful for all of you Thats it Oh yea and tomorrow is the last day of our FallintoDancer challenge  are you yogis ready to dance Its time to practice ou...
Theres not a day that goes by where Im not grateful for this life I have Grateful for my job grateful for my family and grateful for everyone of YOU who listen every morning Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and your family this holiday season...
Grateful to be alive Grateful for my husband who from the day I metIve been nutty for Grateful to be a mom my children are my greatest   gifts Grateful for marrying into a family that I love to be with that I get to spend Thanksgiving with in sunny AZ...
2016 has been a great year Im grateful for the people Ive met and the people who have stuck around  Im grateful for the opportunities I was given and the things Ive learned Im grateful for the good experiences and the bad Im grateful for everything Th...
What are you grateful forIm grateful for the opportunity to help people and give them some peace of mindIm grateful for my friends and family to be surrounded by loving energy that includes you guys Im grateful for all the blessings the universe has s...
"Its not happy people who are grateful - But - grateful people who are happy!" - grateful for heath, love, family, nature, and for the spring in my step on the  journey to become more - ME! 
#grateful #happiness #joy #inspiretolive #live
Today choose gratitude. Be grateful for what you have, but also be grateful for the things you haven't experienced. Be grateful for the people who've come into your life and changed you. Be grateful for
This morning I am grateful. I am grateful to be nominated for an Emmy. I am grateful to be nominated alongside @nopenother, @traviswall and Fred Tallaksen , phenomenally talented people I admire and respect. And I am beyond grateful to the
I'm grateful for the belly laughs that wake me from my slumber. 
I'm grateful for the tears that I am privileged to wipe.
I'm grateful for having a man that walks steadfast beside me through everything. 
I'm grateful f
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