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As requested heres a look at my Crye jpc 20 that I ran for americanmilsim Op Faded Giant 4 Running a Paraclete triple m4 Velcro shingle Crye 330d sr25 Crye 330d m4 2 Crye 330d pistol a Paraclete 330d Crye style hydro 2 Paraclete m4 pouches Paraclete s...
Allow me to wish all of my brothers and sisters in Crye a very Merry Cryemas. May Crye bless thee with bountiful gifts of Crye this day. 
My gift to thee is an image of the rare AC cut M81 uniform, seen here being worn by one of our Holy B
Crye Precision Experimental Prototype Combat Shirt tag These shirts were made by Crye Precision for Tier 1 Special Operations guys in the early developmental phase of AOR1 back in 20052006 aor1 dgii delton cag ace prototype cryeprecision crye cryeordi...
lucastrexarms and Drew of baersolutions with their ADM UIC carbines Crye JPCs and Ragnarok thigh rigs Big announcement coming tomorrow nightamericandefensemfg aimpointusaragnarok ragnarokholster adm uic2 crye cryejpc glock glock34 glock19 aimpoint aim...
A gathering of the faithful prior to the beginning of @americanmilsim Broken Home 4. Here we ask Crye to give us steady hands against the of enemies of Task Force Loggins. 
#cryeordie #crye #cryeprecision #milsim #worldairsoft #airsoftolog
My flock, join me in mourning for this holy garment. This field shirt was damaged, along with a young warrior of Crye during a breaching training accident. The warrior is fine, a few cuts and scars for the future, however the Crye bore the
My children, before thee is a custom Crye or Die IR patch that was made for the Pope by a good friend. Thee can see the battle damaged on the upper right of the "C", gained while fighting for the glory of Crye. 
I'm going to drop charact
My children, in the name of Crye thee shalt grace our brother @sinner101gr with a following of the faithful. Our brother is in the video game industry and has seen to it that the Holy Crye has, and will continue to grace glorious games in t
Crye Precision MAS Collar in DGII with built in soft armor These were made for NSWDG operators between 2006 and 2007 They were issued along with the Protech Groin Protector Crye MAS Yoke Shoulder Pads Protech Deltoid Protectors and the Protech Armor C...
Some stuff that was thrown in with some other kit I had gotten in Crye Precision JPC with side plate pockets and MBITR pouch cryeprecision crye JPC cryeJPC multicam cryeordie...
Crye Precision Experimental Prototype Combat ShirtThese shirts were made by Crye Precision for Tier 1 Special Operations guys in the early developmental phase of AOR1 back in 20052006 Since the US Marine Corps desert MARPAT camouflage pattern was the ...
Re-Stock of Crye JPC2 with other Crye products.  link in profile. #staytactical #tacticalgear #cryeprecision #mulitcam #tacticaldistributors
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