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Colour is important in South Africa  we make it important Colour places you colour tells where you are within the geography of South Africa And when I thought of colour I realised that I cannot ignore the incident that happened in 1989 Mary SibandeThi...
Really loving this colour on nastiyar Aston Martin Rapide we have completed with this flip colour wrap as well as callipers in the same colour to match Heres a little more detail on the colour youtube video will be uploaded soon astonmartin rapide yia...
🔝 We think @oxana_americana's #KikoSpring is simply WOW 🔝 Here's what you need to #GTL:
More Colour Lipstick & Lipliner 04
Natural Colour Highlighter 02
Natural Colour Bronzer 01
Natural Colour Blush 02
Green is the colour of balance and harmony it is also the colour of growth the colour of Spring of renewal and rebirth It renews and restores depleted energy green is an emotionally positive colour giving us the ability to Loveland nurture ourselves a...
 What is your favourite colour Purple is one colour I just adore It is bold bright and beautiful Whether you want to incorporate the colour a small amount into a look or go full out and create a look that is solely based on the colour purple itself It...
"Red is the colour associated with the Goddess. Lakshmi wears red. Durga wears red. Red is blood. Red is menstrual fluid. It is the colour of the earth before the rains. It is the colour of life and fertility. Kumkum is the red colour made
Hair Colour Contouring is coming to TONI&GUY ✔ 
We are changing the way we consult, bringing you our Fashion Bespoke Colour Experience. 
Taking about face shapes, eye colour, skin tone to highlight and contour using hair colour & cut
The future of hair colour is here and it is called 'hair colour contouring'. We cannot get over how amazing the placements of colour looks here using @wellapro_anz 
Hair Colour Contouring coming to TONI&GUY Salons in April. The placements
Gestern fand unsere Pre-Colour Tea Party statt. Ladies, wir freuen uns schon riesig auf die Colour Conference mit euch.
Yesterday, we had our Pre-Colour Tea Party. Ladies, we are so excited about the Colour Conference w
so the colour red is such a cool colour and I know I've said this before but oh my gosh???? Its a colour that means passion and love but also a colour that could mean loneliness and  it can mean bravery and anger and what's within you, as i
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