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To all my girls on international girls day You are amazing You rock in every sense of the word You just hold it all together Families Careers Friends LifeI love my tribe of incredible woman  internationalgirlsday lovemytribe...
                                                                                                                            PS                     internationalgirlsday behappy loveyourself itsyourlife liveyourlife behappy live life love Samra...
internationalgirlsday thanks for always being there for us silly men ...
Bugn dnya kz ocuklar gn Gnmz kutlu olsun Kiz ocuklarmz glendirelim geleceimizi deitirelim dunyakizcocuklarigunu dnyakzocuklargn internationalgirlsday...
Oggi è l' #InternationalGirlsDay tutte le giovani donne del Mondo, soprattutto quelle dei Paesi più in crisi, dovrebbero avere pari diritti, opportunità e speranza di realizzare i propri sogni.
who run the world? girls 😉💙 #internationalgirlsday
Make some thing in midnight 💗🌠☄️ 📷 by @shunya_ymd  #vintage girl in the midnight 🌌 #internationalgirlsday
Superhero! 👸🏻 To celebrate #InternationalGirlsDay yesterday, #AshleyGraham (@theashleygraham) served up some real talk at @glamourmag's #IGD2017 rally. #⭐️ #IMGstars
In honor of #InternationalGirlsDay (and Disney Night coming up), here's to ALL of the incredible, strong, talented women that have graced our #DWTS ballroom. 💜👑
On #internationalgirlsday these words come to mind👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of. B
..eilen vaihtui iltapalaleivät donitseihin kun juhlistettiin #internationalgirlsday 🍩💕👭 #tb #mygirls #purelove
Today was #internationalgirlsday to mark girls rights to be educated and healthy all around the world
The girls of today will be women and mothers of tomorrow
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